Mr.Prog Bot

Mr.Prog Bot is a Discord.js bot for the Discord chat client. Mr.Prog is an interactive bot that enables members of your Discord server to create, customize, and interact with their own personal NetNavi.


Current Features

  • Create a partner navi
  • Customize your partner navi's appearance
  • Customize your partner navi's dialogue
  • Talk to your partner navi using custom phrase-response pairs

Work-in-Progress Features

  • Server admins: Customize bot preferences (WIP)

Planned Features

  • Talk to each other's navis
  • Battle against each other's navis
  • Buy upgrades and battle chips for your partner navi
  • Save the server from virus attacks and other netalerts
  • Server mods: Reset or disable navis who break your server's rules
  • Server admins: Customize shop inventory
  • Server admins: Customize netalert events
  • Server admins: Set up rewards for your supporters


If you have a great idea for an extension or feature, let me know on my development server:

If you want to develop add-ons yourself, fork the Mr.Prog GitHub repository so I can see it!


The Mr.Prog bot was started at the request of TheHashyBrown on the MMBN3D BBS, and is developed for fans of the Mega Man Battle Network series.

Mega Man Battle Network and all associated characters and assets are owned by Capcom who are in no way affliated with me or any other developers of the Mr.Prog bot.

All official NetNavi character portraits were taken from the Sprites Inc. archive.