Command: Display

The display command will post the profile of the specified netnavi in the current channel. If no netnavi is specified, it defaults to the user's primary partner.

  • Standard Details
    • Name
    • Mood
    • Avatar
    • Color
    • Currency counts
  • Additional Details
    • Date Created
    • Online Status
    • Ability
    • Installed Upgrades
    • Frequent Battle Chips
    • Battle Stats

Changes as of Version 0.5.0+

This command is introduced in Version 0.5.0.

Usage and Syntax

?>display NAME UID

NAME is the netnavi's name. Defaults to the user's primary partner name. UID is the unique identifier for the given NAME. Defaults to 0, or to the user's primary partner identifier if no name is given.

Restrictions: A user may keep their partner profile private by disabling the public option with customize.


This command is recognized in the following channels for the specified access levels: